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The oval office group is one of the largest education multinational corporation in the middle east region was founded in 1991. We are comprised of 7 student services companies:

  • Oval Office for Studies & Research
  • Oval International Academy
  • Dsk International Academy
  • Oval Exhibition & Conferences Cente
  • Oval Visa Center
  • Oval Translation Center
  • Saltus Training & Development

To work closely with educational institutions and educational consultants/agents worldwide to ensure that services offered are of high quality and tailored to every single individual. The Oval Office team aims to communicate and evaluate the clients’ needs and circumstances to provide an educational plan which is cost-effective, employs high-ranked educational providers and enhances the clients’ competitive capability in the labor market.


The Oval Office Group strives to become an elite educational service provider both nationally and internationally and establish partnerships with high-ranking educational institutions worldwide to further the clients’ needs

The Oval Group at a Glance

Our Activities And Skills

More than 27 years of experience.
Located over 45000 students in universities around the world.
150+ Prestigious Universities and Colleges
01. Our Services
The Oval Office Group provides school students, high school graduates, university graduates, graduate students and professional work specialists the best solutions and opportunities for study and training abroad through the large network of Universities, colleges and technical institutes that we represent in most countries of the world. Our professional team of experienced academic counselors and advisors supervises all fields of services that the Oval Office provides academically. Along with our representative worldwide, we work to facilitate dealings with partner universities and language institutions to ensure the client satisfaction with our high-quality academic services.
02. What is our strategy ?
The Oval Office's strategy is centered around the student and his right to a direct promising future through appropriate education.
03. Our Locations
The Oval Office Group is usefully located in Jordan, Egypt, Iraq and New Zealand we also have representatives in the GCC. Our main headquarter is Oval office for studies and research and followed by the Oval International Academy which is both located in Amman – Jordan.
04. More about our experience
With more than 29 years of experience in student recruitment and educational services we have successfully located over 45,000 students in universities to many destinations such as Germany, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, USA, Egypt and many more. We pride ourselves on our network with prestigious universities and colleges with partnership agreements with 150+ institutes.

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