Saltus for Training and Development

Saltus For Training And Development

The Saltus vision is the enhancement of higher education in the MENA region and the establishment of an international network of institutes that promotes collaboration and growth.

Saltus for Training and Development is an educational non-profit organization that aims to develop education in general and higher education in specific with the partnership of different educational organizations from the private and public sectors who are leading in the field of education.

Saltus is working on initiating the biggest forum for higher education in the Middle East and North Africa that will be an annual international platform held in Jordan to discuss the issues of education nationally and internationally similar to Davos Economic forum that was held in Jordan several times and it had a positive impact on the national level.

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  • Be linked to a network of volunteers and research that will help build your humanitarian portfolio.
  • Grow your professional career with our developmental programs.
  • Access to a database of educational providers to connect with in the MENA region.


Our Vision

To establish a global hub of higher education, governance, quality assurance, research excellence and innovation to benefit the MENA region. To drive transformative higher education in a knowledge-based economy to build strategies and framework to create, nurture and sustain a culture of innovation.

Our Mission


Volunteering with Saltus for training and development, will enable you to get in touch and give back to the community in a way that is beneficial for you also! Join our team of volunteers and you are able to attend training courses to improve your personal and leadership skills, and gain knowledge that you will be able to pass on through your volunteering experience.


The Oval Office for Studies and Research is the first accredited institute by the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education in 1991 specialized in studying abroad, scholarships, e-learning in variety of fields such as scientific, medical, literary, media, business studies as well as research

Our professional team of experienced academic counselors and advisors supervise all fields of services that the Oval Office provides. Since it was established, the Oval Office for Studies and Research has been helping countless number of students from Jordan and the MENA region in order to obtain admissions at universities, colleges, institutes, and language schools all around the world.

Our Brands

The Oval Office Group is one of the largest education multinationals corporation in the Middle East region was founded in 1991. We are comprised of 7 student services companies:


The Oval Office Group is one of the largest education multinationals corporation in the Middle East region was founded in 1991. We are comprised of 7 student services companies:

  • Education as Human Right
  • Connect & Network
  • Social Education Programme
  • International Migrations
  • Working Supportively With Refugees: Principles, Skills and Perspectives
  • Human Rights: The Rights of Refugees
  • Volunteering with Refugees
  • Migrants and Refugees in Education: A toolkit for teachers

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