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The Oval Translation Centre (OTC) is an independent center under the Amman-Sydney for Education Services brand. It has been established to complete the vision of providing detailed professional translation and editing services needed for our customers. Our qualified staff has translation experience from individual and corporate clients. We provide the professional translation you have always been looking for. Academically qualified members of our team provide first-class proofreading that meet the strict standards required at Master’s and PhD levels.

Our golden rule is to cooperate only with professional translators and editors who have both Excellent language skills and an in-depth understanding of the local culture and dialect. Working on your specialized translation, we take into consideration the key message and the audience for which it is intended to guarantee the highest quality.

Our team of professionals provides specialized translation and proof-reading services of any Level of difficulty in the most widely-spread languages such as; English, French, Arabic, and Spanish. Our translators work with up to 10 further languages. If you are looking for reliable Translation and proofreading services, then the Oval Translation Centre is the end of your search!

Why Oval Translation Center!

Our awesome core features

The Oval Translation Centre (OTC) is an independent center .

Our Mission

Our mission at the Oval Translation Centre is to aid good communication based on language. This includes translation, interpretation, conference management, academic and professional editing and various other ways in which we serve our clients' needs.

Our Vision

We strive to become one of the leading translation centers in the Middle East by offering you the best poke translation you have been looking for combined with the best service you have ever experienced.

Our Services

In our globalized world, information is produced and handled every day that amounts to millions of words. Many of these words need to be translated into one or more languages, but is translating a rental agreement the same as translating a menu? Is a clinical trial protocol the same as the draft of a sales contract? If you think the answer is no to both questions.

Our Brands

The Oval Office Group is one of the largest education multinationals corporation in the Middle East region was founded in 1991. We are comprised of 7 student services companies:

Translation Services

  • General Translation
  • Specialized Translation
  • Life Sciences
  • Legal-Economic
  • Literary Translation
  • Website Translation
  • Proofreading
  • Audio & Video Transcription
  • Multilingual Research
  • Interpreting

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