South Cyprus

South Cyprus

Why South Cyprus?

Cyprus officially referred to as the Republic of Cyprus or simply South Cyprus is an island country of the Eastern Mediterranean and is the third largest and populous among the Eastern Mediterranean Islands. Cyprus is located next to Greece and in the south of Turkey.

The Island of South Cyprus has over 40 nationally accredited tertiary institutions from which would be students can choose from. Some of the well-established institutions include European University Cyprus, Cyprus College, University of Nicosia others, University of Central Lancashire, among several notable. Full-time international Students are expected to attend the majority of their classes without failure. Cyprus Universities offer students a plethora of quality and well-taught choices with respect to various fields which include Medicine, Engineering, Architecture, Law, International Studies, and Pharmacy among an endless list.


Cyprus enjoys an intense Mediterranean climate, with long dry summers from mid–May to mid–October, and mild winters from December to February, which are separated by short autumn and spring seasons.

Tuition fees :

Educational costs in South Cyprus are definitely to be considered as adorable and reasonable especially if one is to compare with the rest of Europe. On average the tuition or undergraduate programs ranges between 6500Euro to 12 500Euro per academic year although individual prices differ from university to university, Postgraduate programs cost 10 000 Euro – 13 000 Euro per academic year.

Living Expenses :

Food and rent in the country are known to be inexpensive; however, electricity and internet tend to come at a higher-than-average cost on the island. On average, rent will cost students between 150 EUR and 250 EUR per month. Other fees to consider are transportations, utilities, and food in range of 100 -200 EUR.

Tourism and Ethnicities:

Tourism in Cyprus occupies a dominant position in the economy. Moreover, it significantly impacts Cyprus culture and its multicultural development throughout the decades.

The island is a mixing pot of cultures that is technically geographically located in Asia but has clear ties to Europe. Cyprus is well known for its warm weather and scenic beaches, but that isn’t everything the island has to offer. You’ll also find quaint historic villages, ancient ruins, incredible mountains and wonderful, vibrant cities

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