Why Czech ?

Considered one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic was formed at the start of 1993, having formerly been part of Czechoslovakia. Previously a communist state under the influence of the Soviet Union, it has undergone rapid development in the past few decades, and in 2006 became the first former Eastern Bloc state to be rated as a “developed country” by the World Bank.

Today, the Czech Republic is an increasingly popular destination for international study, with almost 44,000 foreign students currently enrolled at its universities. EU statistics released in 2014 listed it as the 12th most popular destination for Erasmus students in Europe


The climate of the Czech Republic can be described as typical European continental influenced climate with warm, dry summers and fairly cold winters.

Tuition fees :

Higher education at all public universities in the Czech Republic is free of charge for students of all nationalities – as long as you are willing and able to study in the Czech language. If you wish to enroll in a foreign language course, additional fees may apply. For example, the fees for English language programs average around CZK 108,334 (~US$4,500). Students should also expect to pay some fees for administration, and for any additional programs completed. Private institutions have different tuition fees, typically in the range of US$2,000-15,000 per year.

Living Expenses :

Life in the Czech Republic is generally much cheaper than in most Western countries. Expenses covering food, accommodation and public transportation should total around US$350-750 per month, though of course it depends on the lifestyle you are used to and your own budget. Prices can also vary depending on the city you choose to study in.

Tourism and Ethnicities:

The Czech Republic has become one of the major tourist destinations in Europe, receiving over 20 million visitors yearly.[1] The capital, Prague, is the most popular destination, by itself receiving over 8 million visitors annually out of which almost 7 million are foreign.

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