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This course is aimed at those with absolutely no prior experience in AutoCAD. It is also helpful to those who may have learned the software in the past but forgotten how to use it.

The course is designed to get you up & running with AutoCAD quickly by teaching you the things you need to know without long-winded explanations of techniques and commands that are no longer used.

As a CAD engineer with over 25 years of industry experience, I have taught many people to use AutoCAD over the years. I still use CAD software every day on major engineering projects and am shocked when I see the items still being taught in schools, books, and other online courses.

You do not need to enroll on a 2-year course, read a 500-page book or enroll on an online course that is over 15 hours long. Much of this is padding to make the course look more comprehensive by teaching commands that nobody actually uses in the workplace.

AutoCAD can have a reputation of being complicated but much of this is down to the fact that so many are teaching out of date techniques. Also, many of the teaching materials insist on beginning the course by explaining what every single button and command does which is unnecessary and tedious. Other courses like to start each chapter with a new example and this constant restarting means the student never produces anything substantial and easily gets bored.

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