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An online course in quality management may look at the tools and strategies needed to properly assess a company’s product and service quality. Some courses might introduce total quality management tools, such as histogram charts, checklists, plan-do-check-act cycles, fishbone diagrams and Pareto charts. Students could also learn about the cost of quality, customer acceptance criteria, the dimensions of service quality and quality management system regimes.

With a better understanding of quality assurance, you may be prepared to take a leading role at a company. Some businesses look for employees who have a firm understanding of how service industries can perform quality management. This course might lead to a higher salary in the future.

As you become more interested in this course, it’s best that you learn more about tuition. The cost of an online course in quality management often depends on the university and the duration of the class. You can get an estimate by contacting the school of your choice.

To help you decide if this course is right for you, consider the career options a course in quality management may provide. After completing a related degree, some students become quality control officers, quality managers, quality coordinators, quality assurance technicians, software test engineers, chief quality officers and quality review trainers. You may also be able to use this type of course as a stepping stone to higher education.
Understand the background and meaning of Six Sigma and the five steps of the DMAIC process improvement flow: Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control. Discuss what "Quality" means and how to identify the Voice of the Customer.

You will learn how to set an improvement project goal, calculate process yield, and identify Critical to Quality parameters. You will learn how to map a process and to use the necessary statistical techniques to establish the baseline performance of a process and to calculate the process capability.

To complement the lectures, we provide interactive exercises, which allow learners to see the statistics "in action." Learners then master statistical concepts by completing practice problems. These are then reinforced using interactive case-studies, which illustrate the application of the statistics in quality improvement situations.


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