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Prokon is Structural Analysis and Design is a suite of over forty structural analysis, design and detailing programs. The first PROKON programs were developed in 1989, and today PROKON is used worldwide in over eighty countries. The suite is modular in nature, but its true power lies in the tight integration between analysis, design and detailing programs..
Prokon software is the most popular software to be used by the engineering offices in Jordan due to its ability to design any single element without the need to analyze all building elements. This course aims to provide participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to design all structural elements and clarify the dimensions and area of steel (reinforcement) of the sections which were designed by the software. 
 Course Objects
Understand the concepts of load analysis and how elements fail due to loading.
Enable participants to design any element without having to analyze all the elements of construction.
Enable participants to use Prokon software professionally and to make the commands and tools effectively applicable.
Improve students’ knowledge about the construction materials and the concepts of designing structural elements.
Enable participants to design all the structural elements; (Beams, Slabs, Columns, Foundations, and Walls) according to the Jordanian code, BS8110 Code and ACI code.
Learn how to draw all the structural elements (columns, walls, foundations, slabs and beams) manually to show sections’ rebars.

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