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Ifhe Mena
Ifhe Mena

IFHE aspires to provide a unique opportunity to gather experts from around the globe for a yearly event, whom will provide insights into the appearance of new market trends in higher education, how to climb in the international university ranking systems and what makes a successful higher education institute. The event aims to create a networking platform between international and MENA region universities and institutes to inspire development and investment in the education sector. In addition, the forum wants to stimulate dialogue on the difficulties faced by the higher education sector and assist in the creation of viable and sustainable solutions regarding these issues.
There are six main topics proposed at the forum and these are summarized as follows:
Standards of global quality and classification of institutions of higher education.
The problems and solutions of obtaining funding for higher education institutions.
The challenges and obstacles of scientific research.
Technical education is a necessity in this day and age.
Education is a human right for all.
Jordan is a favorable investment climate in the field of higher education.

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