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Jordan head office

Alrabiah.Kabol st. Bldg 5, 2nd floor Amman 11118


+962 6 554 6007

Ukraine office

Ukraine Ploshad svobodi 7 office 320


+380 636 412 360

America office

broadstone Dr Plano tx 214875025


+1 214 400 8931

  • Ukraine Office

Faraj Darwish Branch Manager

Team Building & Training, Strategic Business Planning, Develop & Manage solutions for Superior Customer Knowledge & Training, implementation & Improvement in every area of business

Ganna Rublovska Academic Counsellor

Is a highly experiences person in universities services, consultancy, and a well knowledge of foreign communities based on a direct connection and excellent relationships with clients, capable to service customers in optimal and quick way

Tasfin Al Zaman Academic Counsellor

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