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The Oval Visa Center

An international staff of qualified visa officers leads the Oval Visa Centre. Most of them Received trainings from several embassies and many hold relevant field experience. Our visa Officers hold backgrounds in all type of visas such as, student visas, visitor visas, treatment visas and work visas.

The Oval Visa Centre is an independent institute available for all clients. It was founded under the Amman-Sydney brand to expand the services platform and to support our students from the study abroad center.

Our Mission

Our mission is to draw on our formal experience to help clients enhance their chances in getting acceptances on their chosen type of visas. Our team serve our customers in all type of visas and clarify all the regulations and requirements of all embassies.

Our Vision

Through our experience in MENA markets, we are a leading visa consultation provider who are listed and recognized from embassies in the Middle East. Our services always exceed Professional expectations.

Our Brands

Oval Visa Center
Oval Visa Center
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